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12/2/09 11:55 am - yankeerose69 - Holiday Sale!

That time of year again. Have plenty to choose from including a Roy Mustang cosplay uniform. You can check it all out HERE.


3/10/09 03:51 pm - maxthebd - MOD NOTE: Livejournal Hacking

Well, hello ladies and gentlegerms!

Don't panic, it's your lazy maintainer with a different username. I have to tell you all that the devious part of me is very proud of you all for keeping this community tiny and off of the map. Because it keeps us safe until the new season of FMA comes out. SPOILER: If you haven't heard the news, I suggest a fast google search. It takes up where where the anime diverged from the manga and if you're a manga fan, holy dear god you know how FUCKING!EPIC this reboot will be.

HOWEVER, since I'm being spammed with the news of a special snowflake hacking into high-profile communities and telling you all that tragic events in your maintainer's life has deemed this community defunct. Don't click that link, it's a trap! It's a trap that leads to infecting your computer with spyware (oh no!) and malware (gee whiz!). If you see the magical message on your flist, don't go link-surfing!

If you do go link-surfing, be safe and wear your internet condom (any sort of anti-spyware and anti-virus software)!

More information on the attacks and how you can protect your journal can be found here, here, and here.

Not that any of you have anything to worry about here. We moderate all of the entries. (To my most recent poster, I'm sorry it took so long for your entry to show!)

Hugs, kisses, and the Return of Roy Mustang,

Merryhellraiser Max
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12/20/08 07:50 pm - amorphic - Fic: What I Mean to Say... (Roy/Riza)

Title: What I Mean to Say…
Character/Pairing: Riza-centric, Roy/Riza
Rating: PG
Word Count: 800
Summary: She is learning how to read him. She thinks she may be the only one


She’s learnt over the years that he’s very good with words. )

12/18/08 12:38 am - amorphic - RoyAi FST

Hey guys! Just wanted to share a RoyAi FST I made =)

( More info here )

Hope you enjoy! =D

12/9/08 01:27 pm - yankeerose69 - Fall & Holiday Sale

Up for grabs is a Roy Mustang cosplay uniform. All the info is in the sales list but if anyone has anymore questions on the sizes, please ask since I didn't list all the measurements but I do have them handy. You can check out anything and everything here. Thanx!

10/28/08 03:19 pm - amorphic - Entrust My Back to You: A Ship Manifesto

Title: Entrust My Back to You: A Ship Manifesto

Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist (manga)


Roy Mustang/Riza Hawkeye

Spoilers: Up to Chapter 87 of the manga

Part One )

Part Two )

8/20/08 03:25 pm - yankeerose69 - Summer Sale

It's that time of year again though a bit late than usual.

I have quite a lot of goods up for sale including a Roy Mustang cosplay uniform. You can check out anything and everything here. Thanx for looking!

4/1/08 12:20 am - phyll - Roy x Riza Fanart

 Haven't drawn in yonks! Please follow the link below for a little Roy x Riza contribution from me. =) 


Comments & Critics welcomed in this post or preferred in DeviantArt. ^_^

11/29/07 05:00 pm - yankeerose69 - Update on Fall sale!

I uploaded alot more goods and reduced some prices since I need to at least sell half of my junk instead of packing it and taking it with me. Check the ETA part on top of the sale entry to see what all I have uploaded. Still have the Roy Mustang cosplay outfit up for grabs. You can check out everything here.


2/4/06 10:34 am - mandy138 - Ficcage

'Though just a bit.

Royai 100: 12 Proof

X-posted to mandy138

2/4/06 12:25 am - tomoe_daeva - Some fanarts I did.

Hello, I'm a new member. For my first post I just want to post some of my last fanarts about our favourite Taisa ♥

Roy, Roy and another RoyCollapse )

Please, don't hesitate to let me have your comments. I love feedbacks ;_; (and sorry for my English I'm sure I mispelled something XD)
Crossposted at fm_alchemist, where I'm going to add other fanarts, if you're interested.

1/18/06 12:46 am - mandy138 - Ficcage

Royai Themes

11 Liar

23 Someone I want to Protect

11/14/05 12:24 am - mandy138 - Ficcage

Title: Discipline
Series: Full Metal Alchemist
Characters: Fuhrer Bradley and Roy Mustang
Rating: PG
Warnings: Taken quite directly from page 5-8 of chapter 52. All are direct quotes from the manga; I’ve only novelized it and added depth to reactions/thoughts. This is (mostly) canon and is one giant spoiler. Spoilers - I mean it! - like no other...or some such.

There was the sound of liquid trickling into a cup.Collapse )

X-posted to mandy138

10/31/05 11:46 pm - in__conspicuous - ICONS!!!

Name/Artist: in__conspicuous for 100icons
Challenge topic: FullMetal Alchemist
Due date: 02/06/06
Icons in this post: 13
Icons completed in total: 13/100 (87 more to go!)





Here's the icons~~~




10/11/05 10:13 pm - mandy138 - Assault

A story I'd been working on before hand as a result of a pairing generator. It is finished and I present it in all it's darkness here for you now.

Title: Assault
Characters: Roy Mustang/Lust
Rating: NC-17...ish
Warnings: Most definately not to be read at work. Is of decent length. (3,489 words)
Notes: This is certainly the most dirty and naughty thing I've ever written.
Summary: Roy receives a surprise visit.

Read more...Collapse )
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