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8/29/05 11:21 am - ex_kittu9

Wrote this for theme 27 at 31_days and thought that you lot might be interested.

Title: Reach out to my weakness and don't let go
Theme 27: Wait for me whenever darkness falls
Series: Full Metal Alchemist
Characters: Roy, Riza (aka royai like whoa)
Rating: T

I want you to hold me like nothing is going to stop us

8/29/05 11:51 am - maxthebd - Ashes (FMA, RoyAi, Modern AU)

Because like daringu posted a while ago, lack of posts lately.

For me, that was a good thing, because I was able to customize the community out the whazoo and drive no one insane with layout changes every 30 seconds. *laughs* But with September closing in on us, that means Max will definitely have more time on her hands to devote to the nicer pleasures in life, this community being one of them.

So, my offering until I start something else.

Title: Ashes
Rating: PG-14
Fandom: Full Metal Alchemist
Pairing: Roy Mustang/Riza Hawkeye
Disclaimer: Modern AU. Don't own em. Lyrics belong to the song "Ashes" by Embrace.

AshesCollapse )

7/28/05 12:00 pm - ex_saraswath377 - offering

(because we haven't had nearly enough posts lately ^_~)

What happens when greywing has a fic challenge and talks about it to daringu? And they resolve to each write their own versions of said fic?

Riight. The challenge was: Mustang, Hawkeye, and a paper screen. Both stories are sort of AU manga, but the only spoiler you really need to know is about certain homunculus (which you'll know if you saw the end of the anime). greywing's has a bit of defined Royai and you can draw whatever conclusions about mine you want to.

Both stories are worksafe but are a bit dark.

greywing's, untitled, is here.

daringu's, "Paper Moon", is here.


7/15/05 10:37 pm - amikitty - New Roy Scans from Yahoo!Japan Auctions

I was checking out yahoo!japan auctions and found a whole bunch of new FMA cards.

Warning! Some images are end of series & movie spoilers!!!

Click Here for Scan Overload!!!Collapse )

7/11/05 09:36 pm - amikitty - Official "Flame Alchemist" T-Shirt

Over at the Cospa website, they updated their FMA t-shirt inventory with a "Flame Alchemist" T-shirt:

Cospa Website Link

6/24/05 11:20 pm - mandy138 - Icons Revisited

In continuation of this post. I'm posting the 'updated' versions and two new ones along with a proposal.

I propose that the blank icons stay so, that people see the icons unmarred by text as a characteristic of mustangism. Of how it represents the semi-closed society by not advertising and spamming it's name everywhere. It certainly is made easy to steal, but considering those that make up this community, people would very soon know the icons were stolen.

I am a minimalist, proud and in love with it, and the purity of the designs say so much that words cannot hope to possibly capture. Sometimes, words can work, but Mana the minimalist does not use them if they are not poignant, if they do not add to the image.

Reposts and posts behind cut.

Read more...Collapse )

Please comment, if one feels the need to, on anything; lurker or non.

6/23/05 09:18 am - ceasefire - Ficcage, precious.

Another fic from me. x3

Title: Iris
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Pairing/Characters: RoyAi, glorious RoyAi.
Genre: Romance/Angst
Rating: NC-17 to be safe (it could probably be R). Yes, it involves sexual scenes.
Spoilers: Entire series, movie.

Not worksafe/childsafe, I'm afraid.

Linked directly to my journal, please comment there...

X-posted at royai and mustangism

6/9/05 10:57 pm - nineveh_kun

I made another drawing of that guy with the ignition-gloves:


6/8/05 08:21 pm - ceasefire - Fic: Vision

Title: Vision
Pairing: RoyAi
Rating: R
Spoilers: None, I don't think
Warnings: Angst, smut-ish, first attempt at Roy/Riza, first attempt at smut in a while.

Please leave all comments/concrit on my personal journal; it's just easier to keep track of that way. Also, it's my first RoyAi and FMA fic. I want concrit. I live for it. I've only seen up to episode 32, so keep that in mind, but I don't mind being spoiled if it would make the fic make more sense.

Thanks in advance.

( My First Fake LJ-Cut, how is it? )

X-posted at royai and mustangism, sorry if I Spiced Ham your flists.

6/4/05 09:59 pm - maxthebd - Recommended Reading

Read pleaseCollapse )

Memories: All entries made up to 5/31/2005 have been placed into memories.


  1. Layouts: Anyone who's up for making a layout for mustangism is more then welcome to do so. The Flexible squares layout as pretty as it is, can only last for so long.

  2. Interests: Community interests are needed. Consider this the only role-call entry of the year. Lurkers, watchers, friends, come lend us your bountiful minds and let's fill out that interest list!

  3. I'll leave this sucker blank.

6/3/05 03:15 pm - mandy138 - Royai 100 Addition

#61 Journal
#5 Heiki and Heiki

6/3/05 11:27 am - mandy138 - Reminder!

Hear my plea!

This is most pertinant to those who post on FF.net but may come as a mild delight (and cringefest) to others. XD

5/30/05 11:15 pm - amikitty - Blue Side Figurine: Roy, Hawkeye & Black Hayate

I found this scan from a chinese FMA forum. It is a scan of a magazine ad of the Blue Side Figurine. This time it's Roy, Hawkeye and Black Hayate.

By the way, does anyone have scanlations of the Red Side manga short about Winry and Hawkeye? I lost mine due to a hard drive crash.

5/24/05 10:56 pm - amikitty - Pic of Roy doing housework (badly)

Here is a picture of Roy struggling to cut carrots and potatoes. XD
I believe this picture is from one of the FMA novels. I found it at a chinese FMA forum. Enjoy! XD
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