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Welcome to the Church of Mustangism. Here, we dedicate our brains to Roy Mustang of Full Metal Alchemist, as well as worship of the pairing Roy/Hawkeye, affectionately known as RoyEye for some...and RoyAi for others. Just keep in mind that this is not the average Full Metal Alchemist community, nor will it operate as such. Half the time, we're pretty serious about the worship, and the rest of the time we're here for the hell of it. This community is pretty much like nothing most of you have ever seen. It's a pretty tight-knit group over here, we will welcome you, some just more slowly or more reluctantly then others.

Guidelines: (Edits Made: June 4, 2005)

  1. Anyone may worship. Although if you become a bother, there will be more then a few of us to chat at you and hopefully set you straight.

  2. Edited: Keep in mind that the sheer purpose of this community is a sanctuary for the more "mature" Mustang/Hawkeye authors, and just authors who tend to write on the adult side. Which means you will find the following:

    • language *some of us tend to get rather colorful*

    • Gratuitious violence *they are fighting a war*

    • Blood

    • Gore of all sorts

    • And the occasional NC-17 scene. Okay, maybe not so occasional.

    In other words, we'll hide the fanfictions under a cut to protect your precious eyes, but you're worshipping at your own risk.

  3. Please keep an open mind and respect each other to a point. You are here of your own accord and you will respect others opinions just as you do your own, if applicable. We are not trying to press a certain character image on you and we all have our versions of Roy And Hawkeye. Just keep that in mind as you're giving feedback to your fellow worshippers.

  4. Comment Policy: If you're posting here strictly for comments, I'd rather have you leave, because you most likely won't get those comments that you are looking for, *some of the members are pretty damned picky with what they read/comment on* and there are plenty of Full Metal Alchemist Communities that will surely welcome you with open arms.

  5. Post Policy:(Edits Made June 4, 2005) All posts made are now being moderated. So if your post didn't make it into the community, then you've probably did one of the following:
    1. Crossposting-whoritis

    2. Off-topic post

    3. It wasn't about Roy at all

    4. pissed someone off enough that they complained

    5. Previous Non-Roy posts have been deleted. Complaining with get you no where.

  6. This is left open for future enforcements if the need arises.